The way to Agadir

Last Saturday I must have eaten bad fish, therefore I've been in bed the whole Sunday. Monday I took off with potatoes chips and coke. Till lunchtime I was able to eat something again. During the night I sweated very much so that I thought of malaria. Tuesday everything was all right again and I got up to 2100m without difficulty. There I stayed for the night (foto) and I could talk with Peter a long time. Peter comes from Switzerland and is travelling by bike as well. He is 66 years old and has a lot of experiences. When he was young he was a flower child and was travelling with a cargo ship which was transporting bananas to Equador and so on. We didn't had time to come to the end and his life certainly would give an excellent book.

Sometimes I was jetting down the hill and always along the abysm. The asphalt was too bumpy to get really quick. First I thought it will be easy to get to Agadir, but than there came a heavy head wind and it was not necessary to give my very best. Having heavy wind, dusty roads and sweaty effort means to look not very nice, in fact one is very dirty! I bought some water and something to eat and somewhere has been a 90° bend. Because of this I got a puncture, but there was some water so that I could clean myself a bit.

The night was very calm, I could hear only a quicky noise which I didn't know where it came from. Next morning I saw a small dog which was lying near my tent.Then sharing water, bread and cheese. The puncture was easy to repair without getting the wheel out. The dog was good as well, it didn't follow me!

Not very far I met Said, a young man who invited me at once. His mother put everything on the table and his father was very pleased to have someone from Germany in his house. This showed me what hospitality means!

Sometime I managed the last kilometers to Agadir. Now I'm going to have a few calm days there.