No visa

Since a long time one could get the visa to Mauritania at the border between Morocco and Mauritania. Since 12 days it is not possible anymore. Of course it took a while till such news came to me on the road. I got notice of it the last days therefore I decided to go to Dakhla. Before the weekend I couldn't hit something at Rabat anyway. Sunday I would have been in Dakhla if the wind wouldn't slow me down. Monday, 16th November just before sunset, after 180 km, I arrived at Dakhla. Luckily I knew everything there, so that I didn't need much time for having a shower and getting shaved. Certainly I was going to inform myself how to get to Rabat the next day. By bus it would take me 17 hours and there was only one seat free. The airport is only a few minutes from the hotel and I saw already by reaching it that there are still activities. I was been told that there is a flight to Casablanca in one hour. Therefore I had to decide immediately: going to the bank, clearing my room, putting the bike somewhere and packing the most important things. After 1h 45 min I was at Casablanca and there are still 100 km to Rabat. At 2 o'clock in the night I have been in bed at least. And that all for the officialism!

At the moment I'm not so glad about Mauritania and I do hope to get a few invitations to tea so that my mood is getting better!

Still I have no visa and we will see when I'm able to go further on. At the moment I'm waiting in Rabat. Today, 17th November, I could hand over the application. There have been a lot of people in front of the one counter. Tomorrow is Bank holiday and I shall get my visa on Thursday.

I'm going to take a picture of it to show it to you.