A few more stories

As I got the visa for Mali I went on the same afternoon. Still in Nouakchott a car driver stopped me and told me that the road wouldn’t be something for tourists. He thought I could get attacked. But I’m not afraid of a road in Mauritania. I couldn’t convince him and made me on my way. Because there wasn’t hardly any wind I made 67 km.


I was going to use the convenient weather and started at 3.30 a.m. (sunrise 7 a.m.). The sky was cloudy and I could be on the bike the whole day. Despite easy head wind and always up and down made I 203 km.


Concerning a sleeping berth I wasn’t choosy. I drove through the arid grass behind a bush. In the morning I noticed that the back tire and my airbed had a puncture. The grass-seeds which have been between the grasses had long thorns. It was still dark as I repaired the tire. It didn’t last long and it was without air again because I haven’t seen all thorns. A bit further on the front tire had a puncture. And about lunchtime the back tire again. To repair it I went into the shadow of two trucks. I got assistance from the drivers and co-drivers. They invited me to eat with them. That reconciled me with Mauritania.


Regrettably the children who are begged got awkward. Because I didn’t give something I heard strewing stones behind me. I haven’t been the aim but it wasn’t nice at all. Anyway the children can’t realize that I’m not able to give all something. And what would be when I gave something and the next biker didn’t? And who would be aided with a few coins? It isn’t my problem if the country can’t feed all its inhabitants and from every single hut are coming countless children. Sorry, but I can’t help.


Otherwise it was a normal bike-day and my weakness has finished. Once I got milk from a camel and now and than I got some German long lasting milk. I get fruits, bread, cheese and jam. The countryside changed in Mali, it got greener and I could buy a big delicious water melon. Half of it I shared with the people I bought it from. It was a really festive lunch. And at the end I had a super meal at the roadside. The lean times are over! And now I had to go into Bamako. It was difficult to get orientation because there aren’t any signs of the names of the streets. And I got into the town on another road as I thought. Therefore I took any hotel but I’m pleased with it. Unfortunately it is weekend again and it takes time for the visa.