Asking again for a visa

This time I need one for Nigeria. Only in Niger I would have get one. This was the reason why I chose the route through Ghana. The consulate moved not long ago and it needed quite a long time till the taxi driver knew the way. At the entrance I got the form and was been told to come back within one and a half hours. I went to a beer garden to fill in the form (photo). Coming back to the consulate I could see how a recalcitrant applicant was been asked to go. The guard had an automatically weapon in his hand. This was the reason why I was calm by the asked price of the visa of 108 US$. After another dead time they asked me to go away to copy all papers. After I had paid – without getting a receipt – I was allowed to hand over my application and all the originals. I was asked to come back to the consulate Thursday afternoon. I do hope I get my visa than otherwise I have to wait till 4th January. When I left I had been friendly asked to give a small mite for the guards. As I have to come back Thursday I didn’t want to spoil it with them.