My first day at “Mother’s voice”

Today 7.30 a.m. I visited the service of padre Saju. The service her in Africa is compared with Germany more agile and many women are working active in it. Afterwards I met some of them at “Mother’s voice”. There are 20 women and men who are looking after people who are suffering of AIDS. Today we visited people who weren’t able to go to the service. The woman of the photo (with her grandson) is the mother of “Mother’s voice”. The voluntary aid organisation exists since 10 years. She started with her husband 12 years ago. Her husband ran many marathons. Unfortunately he died meanwhile. At the moment Kathrina is ill and gets treatment as well, but she is still active.She is a remarkable woman and we can cope very well. It’s very seldom to meet women with this charisma. The other sick persons have been encouraged about my visit. The helpers had been happy as well. They know the sick persons a long time and they do need some consolation now and than. I’ve got a good alliance with them and they have taken me in their heart the same way I’ve taken them in my heart.