At Yaoundé

Yesterday I arrived in Yaoundé. After a few troubles I met Mr. Djiango at a petrol station. As there are distinctive buildings are helping for the navigation I was first at the wrong petrol station. My new mobile phone was very helpful. I think we wouldn’t have met without it.


In the home of family Djiango (Mrs. Djiango is known as sister of Mr. Josef Schalk in Ziemetshausen) I was very welcome. Today for lunch we had schnitzel and potato salad, especially for me, it is like at home for me!


Yaoundé is on 750 m above normal and I had to get up to it by bike. Because of this the climate is very comfortable. It is warm through the whole year and in the garden are growing pineapples, bananas, lemon grass (for a delicious tea) and coconuts. You can certainly imagine that it is very nice and I love it very much. The food is good as well.


Margit Djiango has still got her old car from Germany which is about 25 years old. Germany and Cameroon are mixed here. Only one thing is unthinkable for us: it is dry season here and the water is blocked! I used my approved bottle-shower.


Tomorrow I’ll be at the Goethe-Institute for making first preparations for my speech there. And I’m going to meet the class of Elisabeth. As we are already had active e-mail contact I’m looking forward to that very much.